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David’s primary interest is making the economic case for social ownership of the means of production.

He also wrote a book called Bright Future: Abundance and Progress in the 21st Century. It argues, among other things, that general affluence by the end of the century is very likely, despite what the greenies might say, and that the more we develop economically the riper we are for social ownership.

David was born in 1948 in Melbourne, Australia. In late 1968 he joined the radical student scene at Monash University. Once the mass movement of the time had won its battles and then dissipated, he drifted with many other radicals into the political swamp of the 1970s where he plumbed the depths of self delusion, ignorance, incomprehension and disconnection from regular people. In the 1980s he studied economics and became a bureaucrat, finally “retiring” in 1995.

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